New part from Frankie to coincide with his interview in the current issue of Thrasher Mag.

song credits:

“Good To Know”
Performed by Dinosaur Jr.


Kicking this off at @silo_omaha at 11am until supplies run out- @culpritcafe is making us some special donuts and @beansmithcoffee is providing their legendary drip as well as nitro keg on tap.
Come through and celebrate with us, check out the shoe, or just grab some grub and bounce- but we will hit the streets after the caffeine kicks in…


‘Desert Storm was like teenage sex. We got in too soon and out too soon’.

The new season from DOOMSDAY riffs off of military influences to bring you a collection of ‘black ops’ themed imagery with their own playful twist. Plus, a collaboration with well known Comic Abstractionist, GASIUS, that comes off very insightful…
Visit the webstore for more details.




vans pro skate for passport at silo


check out instagram and the webstore for detailed photos of the shoes as well as the apparel capsule.



Tuesday, June 21st… SILO GRAND ISLAND #GOSKATEBOARDINGDAY jam at pier park.

IMG_6274photos by travis muirhead. 
IMG_6243Cody putting down a winning boardslide in intermediate division.
IMG_6303 Luis front lipslide
IMG_6432Oddy logging clips
IMG_6301Jaden straight 50-50 down
IMG_6333 Nene crooks up
IMG_6458 Jaden blasting a huge transfer in his winning run in advanced.
IMG_6510#Vans crushed box best trick jam coming up!
IMG_6556Michael back smith
IMG_6575Aaron ollie over to back tail
IMG_6581Michael ollied and bs ollied the box
IMG_6675 Josue master grilling on the #VANS grill
IMG_6690 Jose giving love. 

check out our SILO GRAND ISLAND Facebook page  for full album of the event.


Sunday, June 19th… SILO OMAHA #GOSKATEBOARDINGDAY jam at beaver_park_diy.

connys bugphotos by christian turbes. 
set upset up (yes brian and i like to coordinate)
debolt fs shuvDebolt front shove
stinky line upstinky line up
travis frontside rock Travis earning some #vans with tricks like this frontside rock on the new pour.
jeff bs tail barrier Jeff winning #vans shoes with tricks like this b/s tail on the jersey quarter and a feeble 360 flip out on the long rail.
jeret with coke jeret says coke is greeeeat!
andy lipAndy frontside lip.
keaton kickflip 5050 Keaton put down tricks all day like this #winning kick flip backside 50-50. harder than it looks on our crushed #vans box obstacle. 
nick front boardNick front board
handin hot dogsConny doggin
t cain smashin dogsT cain doggin
travis tailblockTravis tailblock 
famsilo fam

Thanks to all who attended, thanks to those that poured concrete, thanks to those that donated, thanks to those that sweated all week to get this done. Can’t wait to do it again.



Sneeze Mag and Silo have partnered up to offer this elevated Toy Machine collection, highlighting the original monster logo.

This is an effort to recreate a feeling long lost, in both nostalgia and quality. We went to dig into the books with Toy Machine and found that even the most OG monster they had on file was what we remember to be the second round / fattened up version. Mr Sneeze dug back into his personal archives and unearthed ads, photos, and decals and recreated the OG Monster perfectly. Using the original colorways and exact placements, we pay tribute to an era that was crucial to our childhood. Sneeze even ponied up and featured original rider Satva Leung skating San Francisco, with toy machine photographer Dennis McGrath behind the lens.

toy machine monster reissue OG - sneeze + silo

The board is made by PS STIX and is available in 2 sizes, 8.25 (yellow) and 8.5 (pink). yellow will be exclusive to and the pink is available at both silo locations and online at

toy machine monster apparel


The apparel is of the highest quality, all made in the USA. Featuring custom labeling throughout, with the unstructured 6 panel cap made exactly to our specifications.

Stay tuned for launch information, and grab SNEEZE MAG °27 “the issue innit” while you are waiting to hang up the included Ed Templeton poster.

The Alien Workshop welcomes Yaje Popson to the sovereign SECT.

The video we premiered last week at both #silostore locations is now live on the web.

Watch it again! Thanks again to CONVERSE crew for doing the demo / signing, and featuring Nebraska so prominently.

brenton gomez aka conny franko #nightlines clip for Converse featuring the CONS ONE STAR PRO.
filmed /edited by: carter paulsen