The Isle ‘Vase’ Video was in our top videos of the year, no doubt. The roughest terrain, steepest banks, and greyest skies. If Tom Knox’s part doesn’t inspire you to find some dry land to skate on, I don’t know what will.
New boards from Isle, including Tom’s debut pro board, are available now at Silo_Omaha

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We are proud to present “preface”, an introduction to our active team.

Filmed under duress of time and injury, this edit represents a one month timeline in the Summer of 2015.

JOSH PALL has just been officially added to the PASS~PORT roster, and his new part will have you stoked enough to seek out a parking garage or awning to skate under on this dreary saturday.

And of course his new Pro board, and all other things good, are available at silo_omaha. Be sure to scope the Instagram for regular updates.

Transworld’s new feature for the Polar pro straight out of Copenhagen.

His new “AMTK” series Polar board is available in store now.

The collection is not made available to us at this time, but thought you all might like to check out the catalog / magazine they made to coincide. Enjoy!



Curated by Lance Dawes, the iconic images of “TWENTY” showcase the ever-changing face of skateboarding over the course of two decades as quietly witnessed by one persistent and enduring time traveler. Vans Syndicate celebrates twenty years of the Half Cab shoe with a selection of photographs of some of the world’s greatest skateboarders including Gabe Morford, Dave Swift, Bryce Kanights, Jai Tanju, Mike O’Meally, Lance Dawes, Rhino, Luke Ogden, Anthony Acosta, Ben Colen and Atiba Jefferson.


Vans Syndicate presents Selective Memory

Vans Syndicate presents Selective Memory,
the first solo exhibition from renowned skateboard filmmaker and photographer Greg Hunt.
Selective Memory encompasses sixteen years, combining over 150 still images with unseen archival film
and video to offer a true inside glimpse of this particular outsider world.

Selective Memory
Images by Greg Hunt, 1996 – 2011
Friday, October 14th, 2011

Dem Passwords Gallery
Los Angeles
7914-B Santa Monica Boulevard
(entrance behind in alley)

Silo fam Don Pendleton just finished painting a mural at the Juice offices and ISAAC made a feature/video out of it for COLOR Magazine. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

If you weren’t paying attention, on the main page we also launched our latest tee with Don as well: Available in store now + online soon:

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Silo Fam NIC made a little iphone 4 wallpaper w/ the silo crest and I thought I’d share it with you all:

Incase is currently working on some impressive products for the iphone 4, so be on the lookout for some next level design to match your kit.

(if you do not have the new iphone, you should be able to tweak this or even use it as-is on old iphones and ipod touch as well!)