In honor of the new GX1000 x HABITAT SKATEBOARDS collab we are releasing next week, here is a new clip featuring Al Davis, Brian Delatorre and Mark Suciu, among others. Good lines and Great stoke. Add in a Mr. Dibbs soundtrack and its the perfect way to kick off the weekend.


Transworld’s new feature for the Polar pro straight out of Copenhagen.

His new “AMTK” series Polar board is available in store now.

the bronze56k edition palace boards are available now in store at silo_omaha. heres the video that coincides with the launch.


We will have copies of Vans first even video PROPELLER soon enough. For now, enjoy ROWAN ZORILLA’s raw clips and unused footage, courtesy of Greg Hunt and Thrasher Magazine.

NIK STIPANOVIC has just been officially issued his PASS~PORT. Enjoy the clip and as always we have the latest stock of goods from the gents down under at silo_omaha. make sure to check us out on Instagram for all the updates.

Habitat officially introduces Bobby De Keyzer to the team. Appreciate his unique approach to skating, he’s one of a kind.



In complement to the buried issue (SNEEZE N°24) in store now, MR SNEEZE has put together a great capsule available in very limited quantities. highlighted on this post are the pieces produced by Maiden Noir. The shirt is Serious – A Japan made, scoop cut bottom poplin t-shirt. Its got a dress shirt feel to it but is cut sporty and looks great on the move or with sweats. Finishing it out is a MN + S tonal logo for those that know. The Possessive’s hat is made in the USA and is unstructured w/ a leather strap back.

We also have the VIRUS featured in the photos board in store and online, as well as some other small accessories. (and if you dont already have the CIVILIST sk8 mid “S” that Satva is wearing in these shots you are blowing it, but we so happen to have a couple of those available as well.









These items are available at silostore locations as well as online at  You can also click on the items above to go directly to them in the webstore. (still updating)

the shipment is on its way. stay tuned and enjoy the video in the mean time.

the new video from Bronze 56k, watch this and go skate