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silo grand island, 2010



Silo has been a labor of love for almost 30 years. After working at local Grand Island skateshop and indoor park (board sport sessions), the store was purchased from the previous owner turnkey during what was one of the largest transitions and biggest downtrend cycles skateboarding has experienced...Ramp to street, big boards to "toothpicks", 65mm ratbones to 38mm unions. We point to September, 1993 only because thats the first time I can find a resale certificate with my name on it, at age 15. If we dig deep enough it was most certainly '91 / '92.
But who's counting.

In May of 2000, we opened up in the Bartenbach building at 201 N LOCUST ST. Helped lead the team to build the Pier Skatepark in October 2000. In 2005 fully rebranded the shop as Silo. 2007 renovated and took over the space next door at 203, adding a womens boutique known as Silhouette. In 2014 streamlined a bit in Grand Island and expanded to the old market in Omaha, adding our second location at 517 S. 13TH ST. The past 8-9 years have been a blur. Silo is proud to have settled into the Omaha community, held countless events, helped fund and build DIY spots and in 2021 worked with the newly formed NEBRASKA PUBLIC SKATEPARKS COUNCIL to create permanent, city approved activations / skatespots, and we are just getting started.

2022 Sees a transition in Grand Island as we had new landlords and some renovations to the building go wrong above our store of over 20 years, with the storage room being flooded. In February '22, the store has moved into a temporary location just steps away at 112 W. 2ND ST, UNIT 3, GRAND ISLAND, NE, 68801. More info on that via our social media pages. Later in Spring we will settle into our new home, stay tuned!

Oh, and we also always have, and always will, have a passion for skateboarding, and what drives it. Skateboarding has always set the trends...been the influencer and underlying current in all culture and fashion. So it goes without saying we care deeply about the brands we carry, constantly evolving to be ahead of the mass market, and leading the way. Thats a long-winded way of saying we've always carried the best product, and you can lean on us to provide quality service and value with the best and most excluisve brands from around the world.

Silo is a family. Our customers, team, employees...none of this is happening without them, without you. Thank you for the support. -b